Essential Food & Drink

  • Pho Vietnamese soup made with beef broth, rice noodles, many fragrant herbs and meat.
  • Mie/nasi goreng Javanese-style fried rice/noodles.
  • Gibier Bush meat like capybara, wild boar and agouti is legally hunted and found widely on restaurant menus.
  • Pizza Find delicious thin-crust, French-style, wood-fired pizzas in most main towns.
  • Jamais goûté A delicate freshwater fish that's best steamed in banana leaves.
  • Ti'punch Literally a 'small punch' made with local rum, lime juice and sugarcane syrup – a Caribbean favorite.
  • Fricassee Rice, beans and sautéed meat stewed in gravy – unlike French fricassee, the Caribbean style has a brown or red sauce with a kick of Cayenne pepper.