French Guiana attractions

Top Choice Observatory in Kourou

Centre Spatial Guyanais

Visiting the Centre Spatial Guyanais and (if you're lucky) seeing a rocket launch are two of French Guiana's biggest highlights. Both need to be arranged in advance though, so plan carefully. Just to visit the CSG y…
Top Choice Historic Site in St Laurent du Maroni

Camp de la Transportation

The eerie Camp de la Transportation, where prisoners arrived for processing, was the largest prison in French Guiana. Convicts arrived exhausted after 20 days crossing the Atlantic and were eventually dispatched onw…
Top Choice Market in Cayenne

Central Market

Inside Cayenne's market, shoppers will find a vibrant jumble of Amerindian basketry, African-style paintings and carvings, piles of spices at great prices, and soup stalls that serve up the best Vietnamese pho (from…
Top Choice Beach in Mana & Awala-Yalimopo

Plage Les Hattes

This long stretch of beach is a very important nesting ground for giant leatherback turtles, which can grow up to 600kg. The females come ashore from April to July, and their young hatch and make their way into the …
Forest in French Guiana

Trésor & Kaw Nature Reserves

The Trésor Nature Reserve is one of French Guiana's most accessible primary rainforest areas, and wandering its 1.75km botanical trail is a great way to experience its rich diversity and wildlife. Trésor borders the…
Island in Îles du Salut

Île Royale

Once the administrative headquarters of the penal settlement, Île Royale has several restored prison buildings, including a fine prisoner-built chapel and a restaurant-guesthouse where it's possible to eat an excell…
Nature Reserve in Mana & Awala-Yalimopo

Maison de la Reserve Naturelle l'Amana

Amerindian settlements and thick clouds of mosquitoes populate Awala-Yalimopo and Plage Les Hattes, one of the world's most spectacular nesting sites for giant leatherback turtles. The reserve has a small museum tha…
Ruins in Cayenne

Fort Cépérou

Off the gardened Place Léopold Héder are the remains of Fort Cépérou, perched on land bought in 1643 from the Galibi people by the first French colonists. Most of the site is now a restricted military zone, but you …
Island in Îles du Salut

Île St Joseph

With its eerie solitary-confinement cells and guards' cemetery, Île St Joseph is overgrown with coconut palms, though it does have a good white-sand beach that is perfect for swimming.
Museum in Kourou

Musée de l'Espace

Don't miss the excellent Musée de l'Espace within the Centre Spatial Guyanais, with informative displays in English and French.