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Vezelay, Fontenay Abbey, village of Noyers sur Sereins - a day trip through time

Far from the classic tourist circuits, you will discover magical places where culture and history mix with spiruality. If you had only one day to spend outside Paris, it is undoubtedly this one that we will advise you.
12 hours
Kid Friendly

The Secrets of the Puisaye-In the footsteps of Colette,potters & castle builders

Roughly 150km southeast of Paris, this one-day tour takes you to the heart of the unspoilt Puisaye region of northern Burgundy. Situated between 2 major lines of communication, the Loire to the west and the river Yonne to the east, the Puisaye is a secretive place where time seems to stand still. This very rural area, made up of forests, lakes and fields bordered by hedgerows, also offers the visitor a host of cultural and historical sites. Your trip with us will be a voyage of discovery that will lead you in the footsteps of writers, potters and medieval craftsman.
9 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Organic Burgundy wine tour-Vézelay & Chablis

The topic of environmentally-friendly wines is a vast one and the public can very easily become "confused" regarding the different types of wines and terminology employed to define them. Our long experience and interest in this field made it inevitable that we would want to share this knowledge with you. Therefore, we set out to make this easier to understand so through the visits to the different vineyards, the discussions with the wine makers and the tasting of their wines, you will hopefully become much better acquainted with these types of wines. And of course, it will be your opportunity to discover the beautiful countryside, timeless villages, culture and cuisine of one of France's most fascinating regions.
9 hours