Vaucluse drinking and nightlife

Cafe in Avignon

Milk Shop

Keen to mingle with Avignon students? Make a beeline for this salon au lait ('milk bar') where super-thick ice-cream shakes (€4.50) are slurped through extra-wide straws. Bagels (€5 to €7), cupcakes and other Americ…
Craft Beer in Avignon


It's a sunny evening and your inner beer nerd is in the market for a dry rye, hoppy IPA or boozy Belgian wheat beer. Well you're in luck: this groovy little bar on happening rue des Teinturiers serves a big range of…
Bar in Avignon


This relaxed spot makes a great place for an early-evening aperitif, rolling into a no-fuss dinner of steak, tapas, salads and the like. The booth seats and old movie posters are fun, but it's the position on place …
Wine Bar in Carpentras

Bistrot La Place

This pleasant, central wine bar makes a good spot for an evening tipple, with a good selection of vins au verre (wines by the glass). The pavement tables under the plane trees fill up by early evening, so you might …
Gay in Avignon


Avignon’s inner-city gay bar rocks well into the wee hours, pulling a clientele that is not always that quiet, based on dozens of neighbour-considerate 'be quiet' signs plastered outside.