Top things to do in Vallée de la Vésubie

Top Choice Natural Feature in Vallée de la Vésubie

Vallée des Merveilles

Wedged between the Vésubie and Roya valleys, this narrow, remote canyon is famous for its amazing Bronze Age petroglyphs – ancient pictures carved into rock. In total, the valley contains more than 36,000 prehistori…
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Vallée de la Vésubie


The grey wolf was hunted to extinction in France by 1930, but in 1992 two 'funny-looking dogs' were spotted near Utelle, presumably having loped across the Italian border. Since then, the animals have made a comebac…
Church in Vallée de la Vésubie

La Madone de Fenestres

At an altitude of 1904m, this impressively situated hilltop church was supposedly founded on the site where a local villager had a vision of the Virgin Mary; twice a year, on 15 August and 8 September, there's a sol…