Top things to do

Ruins in Vallée de l’Ubaye

Fort de Tournoux

Originally built to protect the French border from invasion, and later used as part of the Maginot Line during WWII, this hillside fortress 18km northeast of Barcelonnette provides an evocative reminder of just how …
French in Vallée de l’Ubaye

Poivre d'Âne

On Barcelonnette's main shopping street, the Donkey's Pepper is the place to stuff yourself silly with mountain sausages, cheesy tartiflettes (potatoes, cheese and bacon baked casseroles) and even cheesier fondues. …
Bistro in Vallée de l’Ubaye

La Rose Noire

You can expect zingy, creative food at the Black Rose, a local's tip down one of Barcelonnette's little backstreets. The portions are generous, and the food makes creative use of fruit and vegetables to give maximum…
Cultural in Vallée de l’Ubaye

Fêtes Latino-Mexicaines

In the middle of August, Barcelonnette turns into a mini-Mexico at this lively fiesta, which brings mariachi bands, pageants and colourful dances to the town's streets. Bizarre but beautiful.
Museum in Vallée de l’Ubaye

Musée de la Vallée

Surrounded by a fine public park, this intriguing museum explores the valley's history. Highlights include a fascinating collection of Bronze Age arrowheads, axes, rings and bracelets, various exhibits relating to t…
Pizza in Vallée de l’Ubaye

Le Patio

A relaxed, friendly and quite stylish diner overlooking Barcelonnette's handsome main square, place de la Mairie. Pizzas and pastas are the speciality, but it does heartier mountain fare too.