Vallée d'Aspe attractions

Museum in Vallée d'Aspe

Écomusée de la Vallée d’Aspe

Four sites around the valley, collectively known as the Écomusée de la Vallée d’Aspe, explore the area’s heritage and agricultural traditions. There are small folk museums in the villages of Sarrance, Lourdios-Ichèr…
Factory in Vallée d'Aspe

Les Fermiers Basco-Béarnais

At this farmers’ co-op and fromagerie (cheese shop), you can sample cheese made from the milk of local ewes, goats and cows.
Fortress in Vallée d'Aspe

Fort du Portalet

Built on the right bank of the Gave d'Aspe, this imposing fortress was built in the mid-19th century to protect the border from a possible Spanish invasion.