Troyes in the Spotlight

Chances are Troyes has already played at least a cameo role in your life:

  • If you’ve ever read or seen a story about Lancelot or the search for the Holy Grail, you’ve enjoyed creations of the 12th-century poet and troubadour Chrétien (Chrestien) de Troyes (1135–83), who was, as his name indicates, a local boy.
  • If you’ve ever purchased gold bullion, you’ve done so using the troy ounce, a unit of measure derived from exchange standards established in Troyes in the 12th and 13th centuries.
  • Every time you’ve admired a Lacoste shirt, Petit Bateau kids clothing or sexy Dim underwear, you’ve paid homage to a brand name created right here in France’s historic knitwear capital.