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Le Zinc

This intimate restaurant, with just a dozen tables, garners rave reviews for its outstanding traditional French cuisine, prepared à l'ancienne (in the old style, like your grandmother would have). Each dish – saltwa…
French in Tours

La Maison des Halles

Relaxed but refined, this French restaurant garners consistently excellent reviews for its steak and its Touraine specialities, including beuchelle à la tourangelle (calf sweetbreads and kidneys combined with cream …
French in Tours

L’Atelier Gourmand

Using Touraine-grown products and spices that chef David Bironneau brings back in his suitcase from faraway lands, this restaurant serves French cuisine that's as contemporary as its violet-and-aubergine colour sche…
French in Tours


Fresh, seasonal products are judiciously combined here to produce superb French dishes, a few of them inspired by the culinary traditions of southern France and Asia. The house speciality is sandre (pikeperch) with …
Crêpes in Tours

Le Timbre Poste

Acclaimed by locals as one of Tours' best purveyors of savoury buckwheat galettes, sweet crêpes, and cidre (apple cider; €3.50/8 per glass/pitcher) from Normandy and Brittany, this restaurant also serves creative sa…
Fusion in Tours


The French cuisine here, served in bright, contemporary rooms, is infused with inspiration asiatique (inspiration from Asia). Chef Julien Perrodin's focus is on fish, and seafood brought in fresh from Cancale and St…
Market in Tours

Halles de Tours

This is Tours' 'gastronomic heart'. Market stalls – 38 of them – sell everything you could want for a picnic, including fine cheese, wine and prepared dishes.
Sandwiches in Tours

Tartines & Co

This snazzy little cafe serves tartines (toasted open-face sandwiches) made with scrumptious pain Poilâne (artisanal bread), amid classic rock and friendly chatter. Toppings include smoked duck breast, Basque-style …