Tours in detail

Getting Around


Options for bicycle hire include Détours de Loire and Roue Lib'.

At Accueil Vélo et Rando, an innovative, government-financed resource centre for cyclists and hikers, you can repair or tune up your bike (free), shower (€2), leave your stuff in a locker (€3 per day), and pick up free/for-sale cycling and walking brochures/guides, some of them in English.


Local trams and buses are run by Fil Bleu; many lines stop near the main hub, place Jean-Jaurès. Tickets are sold at tram stations, by bus drivers and at tabacs. Line C (Citadine) runs east–west through the city centre, from the Grand Marché to the cathedral, three or four times an hour Monday to Saturday from about 7.30am to 6.30pm.