Top things to do in Thiers

Top Choice Museum in Thiers

Musée de la Coutellerie

Split across two buildings, this museum gives an entertaining account of cutlery-making history. In number 23, a kid-friendly sound-and-light show evokes the dazzling, deafening conditions of a medieval workshop. Co…
French in Thiers

Le Chaudron

Test the limits of your cheese threshold with fondant St-Nectaire, an entire baked cheese served with morsels of potato, salad and cured meat, a marvellously garlicky truffade (cheese and potato bake), or perhaps an…
French in Thiers

La Belle Excuse

A satisfying, great-value restaurant turning out local classics like truffade, as well as a delicious range of seafood from fish tartare and ray wing with capers to salmon lasagne (a refreshing change from the Auver…
Museum in Thiers

Vallée des Rouets

About 4km northeast of Thiers is the Vallée des Rouets, an open-air museum dedicated to the knife-makers who once toiled here in front of water-driven grindstones, a method abandoned in the 1930s. In July and August…
Church in Thiers

Église St-Gènes

It's worth a peep inside this collegiate church, whose foundations date back to the 6th century, to admire its medieval murals and fine 19th-century organ.