Top Choice French in Tours

Le Zinc

This intimate restaurant, with just a dozen tables, garners rave reviews for its outstanding traditional French cuisine, prepared à l'ancienne (in the old style, like grandmother would have). Each dish – saltwater f…
Top Choice Food Market in Amboise

Food Market

Voted France's marché préféré (favourite market) in 2015, this riverfront extravaganza, 400m southwest of the château, draws 200 to 300 stalls selling both edibles and durables. Worth timing your visit around.
Top Choice French in Chinon

Les Années 30

Expect the kind of meal you came to France to eat, with exquisite attention to flavours and detail, served in relaxed intimacy. The menu ranges from traditional duck fillet to unusual choices such as pan-fried venis…
Top Choice Gastronomic in Saumur

Le Gambetta

This is one to write home about: a truly outstanding restaurant combining refined elegance and knock-your-socks-off creative French cuisine. Some menus include wine pairings perfectly chosen to complement the parade…
Top Choice Gastronomic in Orléans

Le Lièvre Gourmand

You’ll get a perfect amuse-bouche with your aperitif as you decide on a set of French, Asian and fusion courses, each a creative duo of hot and cold. Think delicate foams and infusions in unexpected combinations usi…
Bistro in Orléans

Le Brin de Zinc

Battered signs, old telephones and a vintage scooter decorate this theme restaurant, serving French bistro classics till late. On summer evenings, the sunny sidewalk tables are a big draw, as are daily blackboard sp…
Regional Cuisine in Orléans

La Dariole

French cuisine made with fresh seasonal products: that's what so many locals come here for. Specialities include beef simmered in sauce Bourguignonne (Burgundy-style red-wine sauce) and desserts such as rum-flambéed…
Food Market in Orléans

Les Halles-Châtelet

A covered food market with 35 stalls.
Gastronomic in Blois

L’Orangerie du Château

This Michelin-starred restaurant serves cuisine gastronomique inventive inspired by both French tradition and culinary ideas from faraway lands. The wine list comes on a tablet computer. For dessert try the speciali…
Modern French in Blois

Les Banquettes Rouges

In the St-Nicolas quarter below the château, this restaurant – easy to spot thanks to its bright-red façade – serves French semi-gastronomique cuisine. Favourites often available here include pan-fried veal liver wi…