Top Choice Modern French in Besançon

Le Saint-Pierre

Crisp white tablecloths, exposed stone and subtle lighting are the backdrop for intense flavours, such as lobster lasagne with spinach and lobster bouillon, which are expertly paired with regional wines. At €40 the …
Top Choice French in Arbois & the Route des Vins du Jura

Bistrot des Claquets

Loved by vignerons (winegrowers) and other locals, this unpretentious, convivial little bistrot serves fantastic French country fare, but only at lunchtime! If you miss the petit salé (lentils with salt pork), blanq…
French in Arbois & the Route des Vins du Jura

La Balance Mets et Vins

La Balance uses local, organic produce to produce signature dishes such as coq au vin jaune with morel mushrooms and crème brûlée with vin jaune. Accompanying wines can be had for €24 (vin du Jura) or €29 (vin jaune…
International in Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura

Les Louvières

The 'wolf's lair' is both elegant and creatively modern, with gorgeous Jura views and delicious, gastronomique cuisine. Chef Philippe Vaufrey is fond of adding coriander, ginger, lychees and other Asian touches to d…
Brasserie in Besançon

Brasserie 1802

With a terrace spilling out on to tree-shaded place Granvelle, this glass-fronted brasserie serves up French classics such as Charolais rib steak, plus such Franc-Comtois specialities as trout with savagnin (vin jau…
French in Besançon

Le Poker d’As

With its thoughtful blend of traditional and creative French fare – trout tartare with top-grade olive oil and fine herbs; chicken with morels and vin jaune; cod with puy lentils and black radish cream – the 'Poker …
Bistro in Besançon

La Petite Adresse

A little address that's big on cheese dishes such as boîte chaude (hot box; two-person minimum), made with seasonal Vacherin Mont d’Or, and another Jura speciality, saucisse de Morteau (Morteau sausage).
Market in Besançon

Marché Beaux-Arts

This covered food market has a lively outdoor extension on Wednesday morning, Friday morning and Saturday. Grab half a dozen super-fresh oysters (€8.25) at the tiny central 'restaurant' while shopping for charcuteri…
Moroccan in Besançon

Le Jardin de la Palmeraie

Simple, genuine and utterly delicious. You'll find all the tajines, bistilla, grilled merguez and filling, warmly spiced vegetables you'd expect at this friendly Moroccan restaurant.
Burgers in Besançon


Trying to up the ubiquitous burger a notch, Hambourgeois uses good-quality ingredients in its five different offerings, with unusual inclusions such as cabécou, a soft goat's cheese. The menu includes a burger, sala…