The Grands Causses restaurants

French in Millau

La Mangeoire

Fronted by a shady pavement terrace strung with fairy lights and opening to a romantic vaulted-stone dining room, Millau's best restaurant refines the rich flavours of the region: wood-fire-grilled Trénels sheep-sto…
Pastries in Millau

Pâtisserie St-Jacques

Local specialities at Millau's best patisserie/boulangerie (bakery) include la fouace (orange-blossom bread) and la flaune (egg, sheep's cheese and orange-blossom tart). Classic treats abound too: breads, macarons, …
French in Millau

Au Jeu de Paume

With a choice of dining either in an atmospheric vaulted dining room or out in a shaded courtyard, this much-loved old-town restaurant serves classic regional cuisine, with everything from grilled beef to meal-sized…