Wine Bar in Corte

La Vieille Cave

Sit round a barrel on a low stool in this jewel of a wine cellar, and let the formidable Emmanuel Simonini guide you through the innumerable vintages on offer, either to sip right there and then with a charcuterie p…
Bar in Corte

Bar de la Haute Ville

Known to all as ‘BHV’, this legendary bar spills out across the town’s small upper square, with local beers on tap and plenty of fine wines too, along with a snack menu. Live local musicians play several nights per …
Bar in Corte

Le Cyrnéa

Students and oldies alike gather in this archetypal village bar over pastis (aniseed-flavoured aperitif), myrtle liqueur and cheap wine and beer. With its formica tables and neon lighting, it gets no points for deco…