French business hours are regulated by a number of laws, including the 35-hour working week. We generally list high-season hours.

  • Most businesses close over lunch, usually between noon and 2pm.
  • French law requires that most businesses close on Sunday, with the exception of grocery stores, boulangeries, florists and tourist businesses.
  • Restaurants usually close at least one or two days a week.
  • Most museums are closed on Monday or Tuesday.
  • In rural Provence, most businesses open only Pâques à la Toussaint (Easter to All Saints’ Day, 1 November).


  • Banks: 9am to noon and 2pm to 5pm Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday
  • Bars: 7pm to 1am Monday to Saturday
  • Cafes: 7am or 8am to 10pm or 11pm Monday to Saturday
  • Clubs: 10pm to 3am, 4am or 5am Thursday to Saturday
  • Post offices: 8.30 or 9am to 5pm or 6pm Monday to Friday, 8am to noon Saturday
  • Restaurants: lunch noon to 2.30pm, dinner 7pm to 11pm
  • Shops: 9am or 10am to 6.30pm or 7pm Monday or Tuesday to Saturday
  • Supermarkets: 8.30am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 12.30pm Sunday