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Top Choice Bistro in St-Malo

Bistro Autour du Beurre

This casual bistro showcases the cheeses and butters handmade by the world-famous Jean-Yves Bordier; you'll find his shop next door. At the bistro, the butter sampler and bottomless bread basket are just the start t…
Top Choice Food in St-Malo

La Maison du Beurre Bordier

The cheeses and butters handmade by the world-famous Jean-Yves Bordier are shipped to renowned restaurants around the globe. Showstopping butters include a sweet butter made with Madagascar vanilla. The shop has an …
Top Choice Castle in St-Malo

Château de St-Malo

Château de St-Malo was built by the dukes of Brittany in the 15th and 16th centuries, and is now the home of the Musée d'Histoire de St-Malo, which examines the life and history of the city, while the lookout tower …
Crêpes in St-Malo

Breizh Café

This will be one of your most memorable meals in Brittany, from the delicious menu at this international name to the excellent service. The creative chef combines traditional Breton ingredients and galette and crêpe…
Walls in St-Malo


Constructed at the end of the 17th century under military architect Vauban, and measuring 1.8km, the ramparts of St-Malo can be accessed at several points, including at all the main city gates.
Island in St-Malo

Île du Grand Bé & Fort du Petit Bé

At low tide, cross the beach to walk out via Porte des Bés to Île du Grand Bé, the rocky islet where the great St-Malo-born, 18th-century writer Chateaubriand is buried. About 100m beyond Grand Bé is the privately o…
Cathedral in St-Malo

Cathédrale St-Vincent

The city's centrepiece was constructed between the 12th and 18th centuries. During the ferocious fighting of August 1944, the cathedral was badly mauled, with much of its original structure (including its spire) red…
Monument in St-Malo

Mémorial 39–45

Constructed in the mid-18th century, Fort de la Cité d'Alet was used as a German base during WWII. One of the bunkers now houses this memorial, which depicts St-Malo's violent WWII history and liberation, and includ…
Modern French in St-Malo

Le Cambusier

With its ambient lighting, honey-coloured parquet flooring and large B&W shots of fishermen enlivening the dining room, Le Cambusier can do no wrong. Run by a talented husband-and-wife team, it's known across th…
Bar in St-Malo


Mellow tunes fill this magical and alluring place lined with old books. Take a seat at the bar draped on the wall behind with a red-tasselled theatre curtain, on the carved-timber mezzanine (including a pulpit), whe…