Food & Drink in St-Jean de Luz

La Fête du Thon

The Tuna Festival, on the second weekend in July, fills the streets with brass bands, Basque music and dancing, while stalls sell sizzling tuna steaks.
Cultural in St-Jean de Luz

La Nuit de la Sardine

The Night of the Sardine – a night of music, folklore and dancing – is held twice each summer, on a Saturday in early July and in August.
Cultural in St-Jean de Luz

Fêtes de la St-Jean

Bonfires, music and dancing take place on the weekend nearest 24 June in celebration of St John the Baptist.
Sports in St-Jean de Luz

Régates de Traînières

A weekend of boat races.
Dance in St-Jean de Luz

Danses des Sept Provinces Basques

Folk dancers from across the Spanish and French Basque Country meet in early June.