Sélestat attractions

Library in Sélestat

Bibliothèque Humaniste

Founded in 1452, this library’s stellar collection features a 7th-century book of Merovingian liturgy, a copy of Cosmographiae Introductio (printed in 1507), in which the New World is referred to as ‘America’ for th…
Church in Sélestat

Église St-Georges

One of Alsace’s most striking churches, this Gothic giant, built from weighty red sandstone and sporting a colourful mosaic-tile roof, is illuminated by curtains of stained glass in the choir.
Nature Reserve in Sélestat


On the southeastern fringes of Sélestat, this nature reserve is a mix of deciduous forest and wetlands. It attracts plenty of wildlife, including kingfishers, beavers and France’s largest population of wild deer (so…
Area in Sélestat

Vieux Sélestat

Church spires rise gracefully above the red rooftops of the old town, which hugs the left bank of the River Ill. Some of the finest examples of half-timbered and trompe-l’œil buildings can be found along the medieva…
Wildlife Reserve in Sélestat

Montagne des Singes

Kids love to feed popcorn (special monkey popcorn, of course) to the free-roaming Barbary macaques and their cheeky infants at this 2.4-hectare woodland park. Take the D35 to Kintzheim, 7km west of Sélestat.