Top things to do in Roussillon

French in Roussillon

La Coquillade

Overnighting at this luxurious hilltop estate won’t suit everyone’s budget, but everyone should try to fork out for the great-value Bistrot lunch menu. Michelin-starred and run by renowned chef Christophe Renaud, it…
Historic Site in Roussillon

Mines de Bruoux

In Gargas, 7km east of Roussillon, this former mine has more than 40km of underground galleries where ochre was once extracted. Around 650m are open to the public, some of which are as much as 15m high. Visits are o…
Arts Centre in Roussillon

Ôkhra Conservatoire des Ocres et de la Couleur

This art centre is a great place to see ochre in action. Occupying a disused ochre factory on the D104 east of Roussillon, it explores the mineral’s properties through hands-on workshops and guided tours of the fact…