Top things to do in Rochechouart

Gallery in Rochechouart

Musée Départemental d’Art Contemporain

Housed in the town’s striking château, which overlooks the confluence of two small rivers, the museum includes a collection of works by acclaimed Austrian Dadaist Raoul Hausman and a room decorated by 16th-century f…
Roman Site in Rochechouart


The Gallo-Roman baths of Cassinomagus were rediscovered in 1844 and excavated from 1958 to 1988. This luxurious former way-station was an important crossroads on the via Agrippa, the road that crossed France. Much o…
Museum in Rochechouart

Éspace Météorite Paul Pellas

Two hundred million years ago, a 1.5km-radius intergalactic rock slammed into Earth 4km west of Rochechouart at 72,000km/h with the force of 14 million Hiroshima bombs, creating a crater 20km wide and 6km deep. This…