Rennes in detail

Getting Around

The metro is the quickest way to get around Rennes, and the bus system is also very thorough. The metro system consists of one line, with another due to open in 2019. In the centre it's easiest just to walk.


Rennes has an efficient local bus network run by STAR. Bus tickets are interchangeable with the metro.


Car-hire companies are at the train station and the airport. Driving in the centre can be chaotic, with many back-ups and pedestrianised streets.


Rennes has a single-line metro system, run by STAR. The metro A line runs northwest to southeast, with a second line (B line) under construction to begin service in 2019, running southwest to northeast. Tickets are interchangeable with the bus.

Main stations include République (place de la République) in the centre, Ste-Anne (old town) and Gares (the train and regional bus stations).


For a taxi (, call 02 99 30 79 79.