Top things to do in Pont-Aven

Gallery in Pont-Aven

Musée de Pont-Aven

For informative insights into the town's place in art history, stop by this well-organised and well-presented museum. Gallery size has doubled in recent years, and interactive exhibits delve in to the life and art o…
Modern French in Pont-Aven

Sur Le Pont

You couldn't wish for a more perfect setting, lodged in a stylishly renovated building by the Pont-Aven bridge. A just-so palette of cool greys, beiges, blacks and whites creates the feel of an elegant bistro, and t…
Sweets in Pont-Aven

La Chocolaterie de Pont-Aven

This mouth-watering patisserie-chocolaterie with an adjacent salon de thé has a wide and very tempting assortment of goodies.