Pointe du Grouin attractions

Viewpoint in Pointe du Grouin

Pointe du Grouin

A short drive from Cancale brings you to this sublime and stormy headland. Rock cleaves the water and fantastic views range over islands and rocks to the sea beyond, while Mont St-Michel is visible to your east. Wan…
Island in Pointe du Grouin

Île des Landes

The wave-pounded lozenge of Île des Landes – 1.1km long, slender and uninhabited – is home to hundreds of gulls and other seabirds. It's directly east as you stand at the Pointe du Grouin but as it's a bird reserve,…
Area in Pointe du Grouin

Anse du Verger

Anse du Verger, 4km west of the point, is a lush terrain of beaches, dunes and trails with a picturesque small church, Notre Dame du Verger, dedicated to mariners and filled with nautical art and thanks for miracles…