Top Choice Palace in Perpignan

Palais des Rois de Majorque

Perpignan’s most dominant monument, the Palace of the Kings of Mallorca sprawls over a huge area to the south of the old town. Built in 1276, the castle was later refortified with massive red-brick walls by Louis XI…
Cathedral in Perpignan

Cathédrale St-Jean

Perpignan’s old town has several intriguing churches, but the most impressive is the Cathédrale St-Jean, begun in 1324 and not completed until 1509. Topped by a Provençal wrought-iron bell cage, the cathedral has a …
Museum in Perpignan

Musée d'Art Hyacinthe Rigaud

Occupying two elegant hôtels particuliers (private mansions) right in the historical centre, this museum was entirely renovated in 2017 and now ranks as the city's leading cultural institution. The galleries are spl…
Square in Perpignan

Place de la Loge

Three fine stone structures flank place de la Loge. The 14th-century La Loge de Mer was rebuilt during the Renaissance; it was once Perpignan’s stock exchange, then its maritime tribunal. Sandwiched between it and t…
Gate in Perpignan

Le Castillet & Musée Casa Païral

Like many medieval towns, Perpignan was once encircled by defensive walls. Today all that remains is the red-brick town gate of Le Castillet, at the northern end of the old town. Inside the gateway is the Casa Païra…
Architecture in Perpignan

La Loge de Mer

The 14th-century La Loge de Mer, rebuilt during the Renaissance, was once Perpignan’s stock exchange, then its maritime tribunal.
Architecture in Perpignan

Hôtel de Ville

The Hôtel de Ville has a typically Roussillon pebbled façade of river stones.
Architecture in Perpignan

Palais de la Députation

The Palais de la Députation was once the seat of the local parliament.