Pau attractions

Chateau in Pau

Château de Pau

Originally the residence of the monarchs of Navarre, Pau’s castle was transformed into a Renaissance château amid lavish gardens by Marguerite d’Angoulême in the 16th century. Marguerite’s grandson, Henri de Navarre…
Museum in Pau

Musée Bernadotte

This townhouse is the birthplace of one of Napoléon’s favourite generals, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte (nicknamed ‘Sergent belle-jambe’, on account of his shapely legs). Now a museum, the house explores the strange stor…
Gallery in Pau

Musée des Beaux-Arts

Works by Rubens and El Greco both figure at Pau’s fine-arts museum, but the museum’s prize piece is a famous Degas canvas, A New Orleans Cotton Office, painted in 1873.
Street in Pau

Rue du Hédas

Take a stroll along this revitalised lane for a look at green spaces by day and light installations by night.