Concept Stores

  • Merci Fabulously fashionable and unique: all profits go to a children’s charity in Madagascar.
  • Gab & Jo Stocks only French-made items.
  • Empreintes Emporium showcasing some 6000 French artists and designers.
  • L'Exception Fashion, homewares, books and more from over 400 French designers.
  • Hermès Housed in an art deco ex-swimming pool.



Secondhand, Vintage & Discount Boutiques

Gourmet Shops

For Kids

  • Bonton Vintage-inspired fashion, furnishings and knick-knacks for babies, toddlers and children.
  • Smallable Concept Store One-stop shop for babies, children and teens.
  • Album Superb collection of bandes desinées (graphic novels) and related collectibles.
  • Finger in the Nose Streetwise Parisian label for kids.
  • Les Petits Bla-Blas Atelier (workshop) making children's clothes and offering a personalisation service.

Art & Antiques