Opera in Bastille & Eastern Paris

Opéra Bastille

Paris' premier opera hall, Opéra Bastille's 2745-seat main auditorium also stages ballet and classical concerts. Online tickets go on sale up to three weeks before telephone or box-office sales (from noon on Wednesd…
Live Music in Bastille & Eastern Paris


The onomatopoeically named Badaboum hosts a mixed bag of concerts on its up-close-and-personal stage, but focuses on electro, funk and hip hop. Great atmosphere, super cocktails and a chill-out room upstairs.
Live Music in Bastille & Eastern Paris

Le Réservoir

Dimmed lighting, baroque decor and cabaret-style tables facing the raised stage set the scene for intimate gigs at this atmospheric former royal forge (after which the street is named). There's no entry fee, but you…
Live Music in Bastille & Eastern Paris

Le Motel

This hole-in-the-wall venue in the hot-to-boiling-point 11e has become the go-to indie bar around Bastille. It’s especially well loved for its comfy sofas, inexpensive but quality drinks (craft beers on tap and indi…
Live Music in Bastille & Eastern Paris

Le Balajo

A mainstay of Parisian nightlife since 1936, this ancient ballroom is devoted to evening salsa classes and Latino music during the week, with an R&B slant on weekends when the dance floor rocks until aube (dawn)…
Live Music in Bastille & Eastern Paris

Le China

Deep leather couches and 1930s Shanghai decor make this a wonderfully plush place for cocktails (some Asian themed) followed by a concert (mainly funk, pop and rock) in the basement. Gigs are free (with the expectat…
Cinema in Bastille & Eastern Paris

La Cinémathèque Française

This national institution is a temple to the ‘seventh art’ and always screens its foreign offerings in their original versions. Up to 10 films a day are shown, usually retrospectives (eg Spielberg, Altman, Eastwood)…
Stadium in Bastille & Eastern Paris

AccorHotels Arena

This 20,300-seat indoor sports arena, whose sloping exterior is covered with lawns, hosts the largest concerts and events to come through Paris (Cirque du Soleil, Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, Red Hot Chili Peppers, La…
Live Music in Bastille & Eastern Paris

La Chapelle des Lombards

World music dominates this perennially popular Bastille dance club, with happening Latino DJs and live reggae, funk and Afro jazz concerts. Prices vary from night to night; when admission is free, you're expected to…
Spectator Sport in Bastille & Eastern Paris

Hippodrome de Vincennes

First opened in 1863 and rebuilt in 1879 following the Franco-Prussian War, this hippodrome in the Bois de Vincennes hosts horse races and trotting races. Binoculars are available for rent. Free shuttle buses run fr…