Paris First-Day Private Guided 2-Hour City Orientation Tour

Private & Custom Tours in Paris

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Starting from your hotel, the adventure begins on a most unique discovery & orientation tour ever offered of Paris! It's called your 1st Day in Paris Tour because this 2 hour plus experience focuses on providing you freedom with knowledge of how to do Paris while at the same time you are enjoying as many sights as possible. So much more than just facts & figures, the tour immerses you in to the Paris culture providing the visitor with understanding how things work, how to get around, what areas are safe, buying tickets, riding the metro, protecting yourself from pickpockets, ordering at a café, or a bakery. Of course you get to do amazing sightseeing, find hidden gems, quaint neighborhoods and pass by the top must-see monuments, museums and parks in all of Paris which may included the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Montmartre, Louvre, Marais, Opéra, Places, Notre-Dame, Luxembourg Gardens, Montparnasse and more.
One of the best features of this tour is that it starts at your hotel's front door. The next best feature is the flexible schedule so you can enjoy your first morning. Once you and your guide have decided on a starting point location and time then the tour begins immediately as you step on to the street in front of your place. From starting at your hotel you discover your transport options, how do you catch a bus or metro or even a taxi / uber ride or perhaps the best choice is to walk a little first. This is another great feature of this tour, the itinerary is custom tailored based on where you are staying and which must-see attraction comes first. Another great feature of this tour is for making the rest of your stay in Paris optimal by learning what transport ticket or tickets or pass do you really need. This may even mean perhaps buying a weekly travel pass which the tour guide will help you attain, assemble and use. Imagine traveling all over Paris on buses, trams, metros and even trains for day trips to the countryside all for less than €23 euros, for the whole week! Did you even know this tip before now? The tour guide is already saving you time and money...) So if you have no special requests then you will either hop on a bus or a metro ride, whichever you desire and off we go exploring Paris! By the time the tour has finished and most likely will finish in an area where you are now confident to walk, or to take a bus or a metro back to your hotel or onward to your next must-see attraction. That's right, freedom! You can probably can even give advice by now to lost strangers. Your tour guide has lived in Paris for more than 10 years and is willing to share that experience with you. It's up to you now to decide how you want to spend your entire visit in Paris by first deciding how to spend your first morning in Paris.

What’s included

  • Hotel pickup
  • Private tour

What’s not included

  • Food and drinks, unless specified