Parc Naturel Régional Livradois-Forez attractions

Top Choice Church in La Chaise-Dieu

Église Abbatiale de St-Robert

For Pope Clement VI, a humble tomb simply wouldn't do. The pope commissioned a palatial church to shelter his final resting place and the resulting Église Abbatiale, completed in 1352, is an imposing sight: two squa…
Top Choice Museum in Thiers

Musée de la Coutellerie

Split across two buildings, this museum gives an entertaining account of cutlery-making history. In number 23, a kid-friendly sound-and-light show evokes the dazzling, deafening conditions of a medieval workshop. Co…
Museum in Ambert

Maison de la Fourme d'Ambert

Creamy blue Fourme d'Ambert, recognisable by its tall, cylindrical shape, is one of the Auvergne's five Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) cheeses. This dairy museum, within a 14th-century building in the cheese's…
Church in Parc Naturel Régional Livradois-Forez

Église St-Jean

A blushing sandstone church in Glaine-Montaigut, 20km southwest of Thiers, makes a worthwhile detour. The Romanesque church's interior, brightly coloured with stripes and fleur-de-lys designs, has been nicely restor…
Museum in Thiers

Vallée des Rouets

About 4km northeast of Thiers is the Vallée des Rouets, an open-air museum dedicated to the knife-makers who once toiled here in front of water-driven grindstones, a method abandoned in the 1930s. In July and August…
Museum in Ambert

Moulin Richard de Bas

Paper has been made here since 1326, and this old-school operation still produces around 200 sheets per day using traditional techniques. Hour-long guided tours (French only) will lead you around a restored 15th-cen…
Church in Thiers

Église St-Gènes

It's worth a peep inside this collegiate church, whose foundations date back to the 6th century, to admire its medieval murals and fine 19th-century organ.