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Introduction to Flying an Autogyro in Auvergne

Enjoy a unique experience by becoming gyroplane pilot! Combine learning and discover the landscapes of Auvergne.This introduction to piloting the gyroplane will allow you a first approach to the activity as an actor.
45 minutes
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First Flight in Autogyro in Auvergne

Flying a autogyro is not difficult but it must take a training course with a practical part and a theoretical part (weather, navigation, aerodynamics or regulation).
1 hour
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Pilot Training Courses in Auvergne

Master the rules and regulations of flight with these pilot training courses in Auvergne. Opt for the theoretical individual autogyro pilot, the passenger carriage autogyro, or the practical course with your own plane (fuel at own expense). During your course, learn about aerodynamics, navigation, regulation, and weather patterns, and master the controls of your MAGNI M24 gyroplane. As a reward for passing the course, take to the skies over the Auvergne region and enjoy sweeping views over the forests, lakes, and valleys for which the area is famous.
4 hours