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But it's the artisans of Livradois-Forez who have truly made a name for their towns. Thiers remains proud of its centuries of knife-making, paper production rolls on near Ambert, and countless dairies employ traditional methods to churn out cheeses such as Fourme d'Ambert, one of France's oldest, and creamy fromage aux artisons.

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Introduction to Flying an Autogyro in Auvergne

After a personal welcome, the instructor will conduct a theoretical approach and introduce you to the aircraft and some of its characteristics. After a coffee break, you will perform a flight, dual, to introduce you to the first driving techniquesYou become an actor and will discover the true driver of sensations, without forgetting the magical setting in which you evolve. After this lesson with your instructor you will analyse the achievements of this discovery and you will just talk, perhaps, the continuation of your training Description of the activity: Personalised welcome.45 min theoretical (basics) - Learning the basic techniques:Reminder of safety instructionsTheft of learning and discoveryDebriefingCoffee break.

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First Flight in Autogyro in Auvergne

The first time flying courses are based on your schedule, during weekdays or weekends.Training is on a gyroplane Magni M24 with double orders.For professionals and photo enthusiasts, the gyroplane allows great freedom in shooting through exceptional visibility, the ability to fly at very high or very low altitude.

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Pilot Training Courses in Auvergne

During your pilot training course, master the theories and practicalities of flight, and prepare yourself to take to the skies. Choose between three courses; the individual autogyro pilot patent (the theoretical part of the course), the passenger carriage autogyro, or the practical course with your own plane (fuel at own expense).Gain insight into the laws of aerodynamics, navigation, regulation, and weather patterns in the theory class, and learn how to fly a MAGNI M24 gyroplane. If you have your own MAGNI M16 or MAGNI M24, the instruction will be made with your machine.Depending on your progress through the course, take to the skies aboard your MAGNI gyroplane and be rewarded with spectacular views over France’s Auvergne region.

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