Top Choice Teahouse in Salers

Maison de la Ronade

The same family has owned the Maison de la Ronade for more than 500 years. Behind this Renaissance-era mansion's stone walls you'll find a salon de thé awash in old-fashioned hospitality. Ask the distinguished hosts…
Teahouse in Le Mont-Dore

La Tasse Carrée

Fluffy toy heads are mounted on the walls of this welcoming salon de thé in a cutesy send-up of a hunting lodge. Choose a tea blend to suit your personality – l'Intrépide, perhaps, or l'Enigmatique – and agonise ove…
Cafe in La Bourboule

Le Galapagos

With ornamental tiles and a sunny colour scheme, Le Galapagos evokes an Andalusian courtyard on a summer's day. Just as likely to lift your spirits are the respectable wine list, selection of European beers and cock…