This rural region may not have variety, but the quality of cuisine auvergnate prepared in its brasseries, inns and restaurants is high. Outside high summer's tourist rush, many restaurants can only support limited opening hours. Call ahead or arrive early (noon for lunch, 7pm for dinner); many eateries have a single chef who adheres to a 'premier service' (first lunch service at noon) and 'deuxième service' (second service, 1-1.30pm) schedule.

Regional Must-Eats

  • Boeuf de Salers Beef from horned Salers cattle is famed among French gastronomes for being rich and tender.
  • Carrés de Salers Buttery square biscuits that pair nicely with fruit tea.
  • Cornets de Murat Pastry horns with a cream and candied fruit filling.
  • Salers A firm, nutty Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) cheese.
  • St-Nectaire A creamy and rich AOP cheese.