Guided Tours

The tourist office runs guided walking tours (€7 to €11). They're in French, but some guides are happy to add commentary in English. Reserve ahead at the office or, 48 hours ahead, via the website.


Orléans' hotels generally offer excellent value.


Orléans' main dining street, rue de Bourgogne, has plenty of places to eat and drink, including a cluster of Indian restaurants around No 151. For more cafes, head to parallel rue du Poirier.

Drinking & Nightlife

The free monthly Orléans Poche (, available at the tourist office, has details on concerts, theatre, dance, opera and films.

Rue de Bourgogne (especially around rue de l'Empereur) and rue du Poirier are chock-a-block with cafes and bars.


Orléans’ handsome, mostly pedestrianised Vieille Ville (old city) is bounded by the Loire (to the south), colonnaded rue Royale (to the west), rue Jeanne d’Arc (to the north) and rue du Bourdon Blanc (to the east). Elegant rue de la République, the city's main commercial avenue, leads north to the train station.