Tourist Information in Orléans

Tourist Office

Well stocked with English information, including cycling guides (€2) and a booklet on Joan of Arc (€5). Can supply details on cultural events.
Tourist Information in Beaugency

Tourist Office

Has a walking-tour map and details on local history. The town hall, across the square (redesigned in 2018), can also supply brochures.
Tourist Information in Val de Loire & Forêt d’Orléans Area

Val de Loire & Forêt d’Orléans Tourist Office

Good source of information on sights and activities in the area. Situated across the roundabout from the Musée de la Marine du Loire.
Tourist Information in La Sologne

Tourist Office

Has information on hikes and walks in La Sologne and sells discounted tickets to châteaux and cultural events.
Post in Orléans

Main Post Office