Top things to do

Church in Orcival

Basilique Notre-Dame

The stately Romanesque basilica towering over Orcival is one of the most graceful churches in all of France's Auvergne. The 12th-century church you see today was built over holy tombs laid waste by Norman invaders. …
Food in Orcival

Maison de la Confiserie

Locals talk in rapturorous whispers about the pâtes de fruits (fruit jellies) made at this sweet and chocolate boutique, but you can also pick up marzipan marvels, fine chocolates and a host of other treats. Orcival…
Chateau in Orcival

Château de Cordès

Fans of French gardens shouldn’t miss the 15th-century Château de Cordès, just north of Orcival off the D27. Visitors can tour the magnificent formal grounds laid out by Versailles’ garden designer Le Nôtre in 1695,…