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Top Choice Historic Site in Orange

Théâtre Antique

Orange's monumental, Unesco-protected Roman theatre is unquestionably one of France's most impressive Roman sights. It's one of only three intact Roman theatres left in the world (the others are in Syria and Turkey)…
Top Choice Gardens in Orange

Colline St-Eutrope

For bird's-eye views of the theatre – and phenomenal vistas of Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail – follow montée Philbert de Chalons or montée Lambert up Colline St-Eutrope (St Eutrope Hill; elevation 97m…
Castle in Orange

Forteresse de Mornas

Perched on some precipitous cliffs, the 11th- to 14th-century Forteresse de Mornas, 12km north of Orange, makes a dramatic backdrop for the pretty village below. Built by the medieval Counts of Toulouse, it commands…
French in Orange

Le Parvis

This top-class restaurant has been run by local chef Jean-Michel Bérengier for going on three decades, and it's firmly established itself for its classic Provençal food. The service is a little starchy, and the beam…
Bistro in Orange

À la Maison

For dinner on a warm summer night, 'At Home' has the pick of the settings of any of Orange's restaurants, on a side square next to a tinkling fountain shaded by plane trees. The food is fairly standard bistro fare –…
French in Orange

Les Saveurs du Marché

As the name suggests, market flavours underpin the menu here, from delicious homemade tapenades to pan-seared red mullet drizzled with olive oil and fragrant pesto. The menu changes regularly – the four-course lunch…
Museum in Orange

Musée d’Art et d'Histoire

This small museum contains various finds relating to the theatre's history, including plaques and friezes that once formed part of the scenery, a range of amphora, busts, columns and vases, and a room displaying thr…
Historic Site in Orange

Arc de Triomphe

Orange’s 1st-century-AD monumental arch, the Arc de Triomphe – 19m high and wide, and 8m thick – stands on the Via Agrippa. Restored in 2009, its brilliant reliefs commemorate Roman victories in 49 BC with carvings …
French in Orange

La Grotte d'Auguste

Old-school French dining is the order of the day at Auguste's Cave – an apt name, as the restaurant is half-built into the rocky hillside. Food-wise, expect hearty, meaty dishes presented with care, but few firework…
Historic Site in Orange

Théâtre Antique Entrance

Enter the Théâtre Antique through the portals on the western edge.