Bus in Caen

Bus Verts

Bus 20, run by Caen-based Bus Verts, links the bus station (next to the train station) with Deauville and Trouville (€4.20, two hours, four to seven daily); bus 20 also runs, along with the faster Prestobus 39, to H…
Bus in Mont St-Michel


Mont St-Michel is linked to Beauvoir (€3.20, five minutes) and Pontorson (€3.20, 18 minutes) by bus 6, operated by Transdev, six to eight times daily (more frequently in July and August). Buses will drop you in La C…
Train in Le Havre

Train Station

Le Havre’s train station is 1.5km east of the Hôtel de Ville at the eastern end of bd de Strasbourg. Services run to Fécamp (€8, 45 to 75 minutes, seven to 11 daily), Paris St-Lazare (€30, 2¼ hours, 15 daily Monday …
Bicycle Rental in Rouen


Cy’clic, Rouen’s version of Paris’ Vélib’, lets you rent a city bike from a pool of 250 bikes at 24 locations around town. Credit-card registration for one/seven days costs €1/7, plus a deposit of €150. Use is free …
Bicycle Rental in Trouville-sur-Mer

Les Trouvillaises

Based near Trouville’s Casino (next to the footbridge/passenger ferry to Deauville), Les Trouvillaises rents out a variety of two- and four-wheel pedal-powered conveyances, including colourful bicycles, tandems, car…
Bicycle Rental in Giverny

Café L’Arrivée de Giverny

Rent bikes (cash only) at the Café L’Arrivée de Giverny, opposite the train station in Vernon, from where Giverny is a signposted 5km along a direct (and flat) cycle/walking track.
Bus in Mont St-Michel

Keolis Emeraude

Has buses to the train stations in Rennes (€15, 1¼ hours, four daily) and Dol de Bretagne (€8, 30 minutes, one or two daily); times are coordinated with TGVs to/from Paris.
Bus in Seine-Maritime


Scenic bus 24 connects Le Havre’s train station (€2, 1½ hours, seven or more daily) with Fécamp via Étretat and various small villages. The tourist office has schedules.
Bus in Normandy

Bus Verts

Bus 20 (four to six daily) runs from Le Havre to Honfleur (€4.90, 30 minutes) and on to Deauville and Trouville (€4.90, one hour).
Train Station in Rouen


Rouen's train station is about 1.2km north of the cathedral. Follow rue Jeanne d'Arc straight north (uphill) to get there.