• Love them (as a sci-fi geek) or loathe them (as a claustrophobe), Nice's 24-hour self-cleaning toilets are here to stay. These mechanical WCs (you'll find 20 of them around the city) are free but allow limited time for dawdling: you have precisely 15 minutes before being (ooh-la-la!) exposed to passers-by. Green means libre (vacant) and red means occupé (occupied).
  • There are also 11 pay toilets (adult/child €0.50/free), including the centrally located ones along Promenade du Paillon.
  • Some older establishments and motorway stops still have the hole-in-the-floor toilettes à la turque (squat toilets). Provided you hover, these are actually very hygienic, but take care not to get soaked by the flush.
  • Keep some loose change handy for tipping toilet attendants, who keep a hawk-like eye on many of Nice's public toilets.
  • The French are completely blasé about unisex toilets, so save your blushes when tiptoeing past the urinals to reach the ladies' loo.