Stretching from place Garibaldi in the north to the ferry port in the south, Le Port-Garibaldi is an animated, easily walkable neighbourhood.with a tremendous variety of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightlife packed into a very few blocks. Aside from the Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain, which deserves an hour or two of your time, there are no major sights here; the most rewarding experience is to simply stroll around and follow your whims.

The two most interesting areas for a wander are the port and the bar-restaurant-shopping district southeast of place Garibaldi. Both are especially enjoyable in mid- to late afternoon.

You couldn't ask for a lovelier Mediterranean photo op than the picturesque rows of boats floating in Port Lympia, backed by a sweep of ochre-hued port buildings, the columned façade of Notre-Dame du Port and the Alpine foothills north of town. Bars along the eastern side of the harbour, which get direct afternoon sunlight, make an especially nice place to take it all in.

Then there's the area around place Garibaldi. Parisians might scoff at the idea, but this district is lovingly nicknamed Le Petit Marais after the trendy Marais district in Paris. The compact tangle of streets wedged between place Garibaldi and Port Lympia buzzes with happening eating, drinking and boutique shopping spots, firmly off the tourist radar but in the address book of every trendy local. Stroll the lengths of rue Bonaparte, rue Bavestro, rue Lascaris and surrounding streets to catch the city’s latest new hotspot.