Top Choice Brasserie in Nantes

La Cigale

No visit to Nantes is complete without breakfast, brunch, lunch or afternoon tea at the city's legendary brasserie, a dazzling riot of gilded tile work and frescoed ceilings in a series of historic salons dating to …
Top Choice Creperie in Nantes

Crêperie de Brucéliande

There is no denying the city's Breton roots with crêpes and galettes de blé noir (savoury buckwheat crêpes) like this. Both come generously brushed in Breton butter – unsalted for sweet, salted for savoury. The Fond…
Top Choice Modern French in Nantes


This buzzing neobistro would be right at home in Paris. Market-sourced, modern and wholly creative cuisine by English chef Dominic Quirke (a Newcastle lad wed to a French lass) is sensational – and extraordinarily g…
Top Choice Modern French in Nantes


Local foodies pile into this contemporary bistro with steel grey façade and designer interior to gorge on some of the most creative and gastronomic, homemade cuisine in the city. Young chef Ludovic Pouzelgues cooks …
Creperie in Nantes

Crêperie Heb-Ken

A local institution since 1976, this no-frills crêperie cooks up every imaginable flavour of sweet and savoury crêpe. The themed menu is conveniently organised by key ingredient (onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, leeks a…
Bistro in Nantes

La Bouche à Oreille

With checked tablecloths and curtains, this is a classic bistro that mixes French classics with traditional dishes from Lyon in eastern France – feisty must-try andouillette (a rich, gut-busting tripe sausage of meg…
Modern French in Nantes

Les Pieds dans le Plat

This modern French bistro has exposed stone walls, zebra-patterned tablecloths and old favourites cooked up with a creative new twist.
French in Nantes

Le Grappillon

Covered in vines and with an interior dominated by an overloaded old dresser, this hidden-away place feels like an old French farmhouse. Flavours dished up are less traditional, with a generous dose of spice from th…
French in Nantes

Mademoiselle B

This backstreet favourite, with potted plants on its window sills and the day's menu chalked on a blackboard outside, enchants. Pick from two different entrées and main courses – salmon with vegetable risotto and li…
Modern French in Nantes


This chic, contemporary, glass-topped space is a refreshing change from the norm. L' shakes up the culinary scene with a hefty dose of fusion flavours: tandori-spiced veal tajine or monkfish with citrus vegetabl…