Top ChoiceArchaeological Site in Morlaix

Cairn of Barnenez

This enormous ancient series of hilltop tombs is set spectacularly overlooking the Bay of Morlaix, on the edge of the modern-day village of Plouezoc'h, 10km north of Morlaix. Built between 4500 and 3900 BC, the...

Fortress in Morlaix

Château du Taureau

Sail out to this amazing petite prison-fortress constructed in the 16th century by Vauban, on a small islet in the Bay of Morlaix. Most departures are from Kelenn beach in Carantec (15km northwest of Morlaix),...

Brasserie in Morlaix

Grand Café de la Terrasse

In the heart of town, Morlaix's showpiece is this magnificent 1872-established brasserie with an original central spiral staircase, around which a galaxy of locals sip tea, coffee or down something stronger, or...

Crêpes in Morlaix

Atipik Bilig

Tucked inside a two-storey, 16th-century timbered house in the old town, this enticing and recommended crêperie whips up sweet crêpes, savoury galettes, substantial salads, tartines and cooling glasses of Breton...

French in Morlaix

Le Viaduc

A sterling reputation props up this ode to contemporary Breton cuisine, named after the nearby viaduct and framed by a stylish interior featuring grey-stone walls, wood-panelled ceilings and groovy lighting. On...

Museum in Morlaix

Maison de la Duchesse Anne

This magnificent 15th-century home (which, despite the name, has nothing to do with Duchess Anne) overlooking place Allende, is one of the finest examples of the local building style. The highlight is a staircase...

Bar in Morlaix

Le Tempo

A spacious, bright and welcoming bar-brasserie overlooking the boats and the harbour, Le Tempo has a blackboard full of brasserie staples and plenty of brews on offer. Otherwise, just drop by for a restorative...

Historic Building in Morlaix

La Maison à Pondalez

This beautifully restored half-timbered house dating back to the 16th century is a typical example of a Morlaix maison à pondalez (house with an inner gallery and spiral staircase).

Bridge in Morlaix


Built in 1861 to carry the Brest–Paris railway, this colossal viaduct is unmissable. During daylight hours you can walk along the lower level for a great view of the town; the viaduct is lit up at night. You can...

Church in Morlaix

Église St-Melaine

Right by the viaduct that arches over town, the magnificent form of this venerable and tranquil late-15th-century Flamboyant Gothic Église St-Melaine contains a star-studded barrel-vaulted roof and a host of...

Museum in Morlaix

Musée de Morlaix

Closed for restoration till 2019, this museum showcases the area's history, archaeology and art, which also incorporates the beautifully preserved half-timbered house La Maison à Pondalez.