The coastline between Morgat and Cap de la Chèvre is gorgeous. Beyond the marina at the southern end of Morgat's beach, the coastal path offers an excellent 13km hike (part of the GR34) along the sea cliffs to Cap de la Chèvre, lassoing in some of the most scenic spots in the area. It takes roughly five hours to complete (one way), but you can also walk smaller sections.

The route takes you past an old fort and through sweet-scented pine forests overlooking numerous little coves (most inaccessible) with water that, on a sunny day, glows electric blue. Be sure to pause at the picture-perfect Île Vierge – you'll be smitten with this idyllic cove lapped by turquoise waters and framed by lofty cliffs. The lazy summer-day feel is dramatically shattered on reaching Cap de la Chèvre and the wind-exposed, western side of the peninsula.