Top things to do in Montignac

Top Choice Historic Site in Montignac

Grotte de Lascaux

France’s most famous prehistoric cave paintings are at the Grotte de Lascaux, 2km southeast of Montignac. Naturally sealed and protected for millennia, it was discovered in 1940 by four teenage boys searching for th…
French in Montignac

La Chaumière

A simple menu of charcuterie, cut by the friendly proprietor at the back of the small dining room, or large portions of duck confit, cassoulet and duck-fat roasted potatoes are the order of the day.
Bistro in Montignac


This cute raftered bistro is a local hang-out in the off-season, serving up hearty regional salads, lots of duck and crêpes. The staff is quite friendly, if a bit disorganised.