Montauban attractions

Gallery in Montauban

Musée Ingres

Montauban's main focus is this fine-arts museum, which centres on the work of the neoclassical painter (and accomplished violinist) Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, who was born in Montauban in 1780. Inspired by Pouss…
Square in Montauban

Place Nationale

In the historic upper town, all roads lead to this exquisite square, hemmed in on every side by magnificent double-vaulted arcades and tall pink buildings.
Church in Montauban

Cathédrale Notre Dame de l'Assomption

Hanging in Montauban’s 18th-century Cathédrale Notre Dame de l’Assomption is one of Ingres' masterpiece, Le Vœu de Louis XIII (1824), which depicts the king pledging France to the Virgin.