• Wi-fi (pronounced ‘wee-fee’ in French) is available at major airports, in most hotels, and at many cafes, restaurants, museums and tourist offices.
  • Free public wi-fi hot spots are available in cities and many towns: Paris alone has 400 public hot spots in 26 different locations citywide (www.paris.fr/wifi), including parks, libraries and municipal buildings. In parks look for a purple ‘Zone Wi-Fi’ sign near the entrance and select the 'PARIS_WI-FI_' network to connect.
  • To search for free wi-fi hot spots in France, visit www.hotspot-locations.com.
  • Tourist offices is some larger cities, including Lyon and Bordeaux, rent out pocket-sized mobile wi-fi devices that you carry around with you, ensuring a fast wi-fi connection while roaming the city.
  • Alternatively, rent a mobile wi-fi device online before leaving home and arrange for it to be delivered by post to your hotel in France through HipPocketWifi (http://hippocketwifi.com), Travel WiFi (http://travel-wifi.com) or My Webspot (http://my-webspot.com).
  • Internet cafes are increasingly rife; at least one can usually be tracked down in cities. Prices range from €2 to €6 per hour.

Feature: What the Icon Means

Only accommodation providers that have an actual computer that guests can use to access the internet are flagged with a computer icon. The wi-fi icon indicates anywhere with wi-fi access. Where this icon appears, assume the wi-fi is free unless otherwise specified.