Top ChoiceBridge in Millau

Aire du Viaduc de Millau

The gravity-defying Viaduc de Millau toll bridge hovers 343m above the Tarn valley, making it one of the world’s highest road bridges. At its northern end (in Brocuéjouls, about 5km west of the centre of Millau),...

French in Millau

La Mangeoire

Fronted by a shady pavement terrace strung with fairy lights and opening to a romantic vaulted-stone dining room, Millau's best restaurant refines the rich flavours of the region: wood-fire-grilled Trénels...

Pastries in Millau

Pâtisserie St-Jacques

Local specialities at Millau's best patisserie/boulangerie (bakery) include la fouace (orange-blossom bread) and la flaune (egg, sheep's cheese and orange-blossom tart). Classic treats abound too: breads,...

Tower in Millau

Beffroi de Millau

The defining landmark of Millau's historical centre is this medieval 12th-century-built square tower topped by an octagonal 17th-century bell tower. It's a 210-step climb to the top for panoramic views of the...

French in Millau

Au Jeu de Paume

With a choice of dining either in an atmospheric vaulted dining room or out in a shaded courtyard, this much-loved old-town restaurant serves classic regional cuisine, with everything from grilled beef to...

Market in Millau

Halles de Millau

Millau's covered market brims with stalls selling fresh fruit and veggies, meat, poultry, fish, cheeses, wines, flowers, honey, chestnuts and other regional specialities.