Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Marseille

Maison de la Boule

Pick up your very own travelling set of handmade boules (complete with matching carry bag), plus plenty of other souvenirs relating to France’s iconic game. There’s also a little museum exploring the history of the …
Drinks in Marseille

La Maison du Pastis

A bit touristy, perhaps, but if you’re keen to sample a few different kinds of Provence’s favourite aperitif – the aniseed-flavoured firewater known as pastis – then this place is an ideal place to do it. It also of…
Books in Marseille

Librairie de la Bourse

Maps and Lonely Planet guides.
Market in Marseille

Marché des Capucins

Located one block south of La Canebière. Sells fruit, veg, fish and dried goods.
Cosmetics in Marseille

72% Pétanque

Another of Marseille’s fine soap sellers, selling unusual perfumes like chocolate, verveine and aniseed.
Arts & Crafts in Marseille

Atelier du Santon

Musée du Santon with its boutique and neighbouring Atelier du Santon are home to tiny handcrafted kiln-fired figures, or santons (from santoùn in Provençal, meaning ‘little saint’). The custom of creating a nativity…
Shopping Centre in Marseille

Centre Bourse Shopping Centre

One of Marseille’s central shopping malls, containing a full range of the usual international brands.
Cosmetics in Marseille

Compagnie de Provence

For super-stylish liquid and bar soap, au naturel or scented with olive oil, fig or a wilder Provençal fragrance, hit this iconic savon de Marseille boutique. Funky washbags, travel kits and other accessories also.
Jewellery in Marseille

Virginie Monroe

Marseille’s favourite designer creates delicate necklaces and bracelets strung with tiny beads. Her ethnic-chic jewellery is wholly affordable to boot.
Homewares in Marseille

L’Orni Thorynque

Linen cushions emblazoned with ‘Le Panier,’ ‘L’Estaque’ and other Marseillais quartiers are among the ingenious gift ideas sold at this pandora's box of design object for the home.