Top Choice Church in Marseille

Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

This opulent 19th-century Romano-Byzantine basilica occupies Marseille’s highest point, La Garde (162m). Built between 1853 and 1864, it is ornamented with coloured marble, murals depicting the safe passage of saili…
Top Choice Museum in Marseille

Centre de la Vieille Charité

In the heart of the Le Panier quarter is this gorgeous architectural complex, built as a charity shelter for the town’s poor by local architect and sculptor Pierre Puget (1620–94), who was born just a couple of stre…
Top Choice Historic Site in Marseille

Vieux Port

Ships have docked for more than 26 centuries at the city’s birthplace, the colourful old port. The main commercial docks were transferred to the Joliette area north of here in the 1840s, but the old port remains a t…
Top Choice Historic Site in Marseille

Le Panier

From the Vieux Port, hike north up to this fantastic history-woven quarter, which is fabulous for a wander with its artsy ambience, cool hidden squares and sun-baked cafes. In Greek Massilia it was the site of the a…
Top Choice Museum in Marseille

Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée

The icon of modern Marseille, this stunning museum explores the history, culture and civilisation of the Mediterranean region through anthropological exhibits, rotating art exhibitions and film. The collection sits …
Top Choice Museum in Marseille

Villa Méditerranée

This eye-catching white structure next to MuCEM is no ordinary ‘villa’. Designed by architect Stefano Boeri in 2013, the sleek white edifice sports a spectacular cantilever overhanging an ornamental pool. Inside, a …
Church in Marseille

Abbaye St-Victor

Heading west of the Vieux Port brings you to Abbaye St-Victor, birthplace of Christianity in Marseille and built on a 3rd century BC necropolis.
Island in Marseille

Château d’If

Located 3.5km west of the Vieux Port, this island fortress-prison was immortalised in Alexandre Dumas’ classic 1844 novel The Count of Monte Cristo. Many political prisoners were incarcerated here including the Revo…
Art Museum in Marseille

Musée Cantini

Though it’s often overshadowed by Marseille’s multimillion euro flagship museums, this excellent art museum conceals some surprising – and impressive – finds behind its wrought-iron gates. The core collection contai…
Museum in Marseille

Musée d’Histoire de Marseille

In a completely renovated, 15,000-sq-metre modern space within the Centre Bourse shopping centre, this museum offers fascinating insight into Marseille’s long history. Highlights include the remains of a 3rd-century…